Maximizing Business Deductions Companies

Maximizing Business Deductions

We know what it’s like to run a small business from home. While the IRS wants to limit your deductions to only the area where you exclusively do business, we know that a home-based small business involves much more of the home than the IRS understands. That’s why we developed a tax software that fights for small business owners and helps uncover hidden tax deductions you didn’t even realize you were eligible to claim.

It’s called AiTax, and if AiTax doesn’t cut your tax bill, you pay us nothing; zero.

Let’s use an example. John runs his business from his 2,000 square-foot home. His bedroom-office is 200 square feet. TurboTax says he can deduct 10% of his home expenses based on the ratio of square footage used for the business. His home-based expenses for the year totals $15,000. As such, TurboTax calculates a deduction of $1,500. However, with AiTax, John realizes he is eligible to claim 100% of his home-based expenses plus $3,000 in groceries for a total deduction of $18,000! This is the power of AiTax.

To learn more about AiTax, read our article here: click here.

How AiTax Can Assist Your Business

Whether your business is already operating locally or operating nationally, AiTax can answer all of your tax questions, solves all of your tax problems, and guarantees that you pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible.

It even comes with free audit and legal defense. The use of artificial intelligence eliminates the risk of human error and missed opportunities. As a result, you save thousands in taxes
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