Domestic Asset Protection Individuals

Domestic & Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

Safeguarding Your Assets from Future Financial Disputes

For business owners and professionals, the risk of lawsuits and personal liability is a daily concern. Corporate stock is always subject to potential seizure for personal liabilities; even LLC interests only enjoy limited “charging order” protections. And state creditor exemptions are entirely insufficient to ensure complete protection of your assets.

For these reasons, Castro & Co.'s asset protection team works with clients to fireproof their wealth. By settling a domestic or offshore asset protection trust, clients can have “peace of mind” knowing that their personal assets will never be subject to judicial seizure. Whether you are in Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, or Orlando where our offices are located, or anywhere else in the world, our skilled tax attorneys are here to help.

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Trust Our Firm to Maximize Your Asset Protection

Any individual with significant assets, should know it is important to take every precaution in making sure that your assets are safe from lawsuits or financial disputes. Additionally, even those who do not yet have significant assets can benefit from knowing how to protect assets as the assets are accumulated. Legally, you have several options in asset protection, but deciding which one is the most suitable for all your needs may require you to seek the help of a competent legal counsel.

At Castro & Co., we have been providing trusted legal services and results-driven advice to countless business owners and professionals for years. We are here to fully explain your options and answer any of your questions so you can make informed decisions regarding asset protection. As your legal counsel, we want you to rest easy knowing that we are prepared to go above and beyond to craft a foolproof asset protection that caters to your specific legal needs.

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