Gift Programs and Planning in Washington DC

Lifetime or Multi-Generational Gift Programs

For clients wishing to establish a lifetime gift program for their heirs, there are several options available. For clients wishing to establish multigenerational gift programs, the Intentionally Defective Grantor Dynasty Trust is the most advanced option. The details are intricate, but the goal is simple: have your legacy continue for generations to come.

Sophisticated Charitable Gift Planning

For charitably inclined clients, our Charitable Planning Team at Castro & Co. develops sophisticated gift planning arrangements that both accomplishes a client’s charitable intent and provides income tax benefits. Some of the advanced options available to clients are charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts. With offices in Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, and Orlando, we serve clients all over the world with all of their estate planning needs.

For more information on the various gift planning options available to you, contact our Washington DC and Miami estate planning lawyer at 888-595-5088!

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