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At Castro & Co., we provide a broad range of tax planning services for private companies, including as legal counsel for matters such as trade, custom duties and value-added tax, foreign mergers and acquisitions, and dispositions. Our firm, founded in 2007, has offered elite representation for companies around the globe. We are proud of our reputation and our commitment to our clients.

The tax services we offer for companies include:

Sophisticated International Tax Counsel from Our Dedicated Team

We provide high-quality counsel that is backed by our years of experience in international tax planning. Our firm has offices in Miami, Dallas, Orlando, and Washington, DC as well as partner firms in more than 130 countries around the globe, allowing us to represent clients worldwide. Each Miami & Washington DC international tax lawyer on our team is committed to providing international tax planning services of the highest quality and results-driven billing practices for our valued clients. We recently landed a major consulting contract with a large team of foreign automotive engineers with the General Motors Corporation in Michigan for personal international tax planning and advisory services.

Our firm has gained a reputation for elite representation, and has been featured in major outlets and publications, including NBC News, ABC, Business Journal, CBS News, Tax Analysts, Forbes, and CNN Money. We prioritize long-term relationships over short-term profit goals. This has allowed us to build strong and lasting partnerships with our clients over the years, who appreciate our dedication.

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