Avoid U.S. Tax on Australian Superannuation Funds

When a tax firm in Australia heard that their clients working in the U.S. were having their Australian Superannuation Funds treated as taxable accounts by accounting firms, they turned to Castro & Co.’s International Tax Team to provide custom-tailored, high-quality tax planning services to lawfully avoid U.S. taxation on the funds. Read More

U.S. Tax on Australian Superannuation

Structuring Sales to Utilize Excess Foreign Tax Credits

To fully utilize years of accumulating excess foreign tax credits, Castro & Co.’s Foreign Tax Credit Team helped restructure international sales in an economically substantive manner, which generated non-taxed foreign-source income that “soaked-up” the excess foreign tax credits and saved the company millions of dollars in corporate U.S. taxes.

International Corporate Tax Planning

Pre- Immigration Tax Planning

When a group of potential EB-5 Visa investors wanted to structure their affairs in a tax-efficient manner prior to entering the U.S., they called Castro & Co to develop a custom-tailored plan that allowed them to lawfully avoid U.S. taxation on their worldwide income.

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Bringing U.S. Taxpayers Back Into Compliance

Castro & Co.’s Offshore Compliance Team is prepared to assist clients with coming back into compliance with their international reporting obligations, including FBAR FinCEN Form 114a, IRS Form 8938, and many others, without having to pay any penalties under the new OVDP Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.

Offshore Tax Compliance

Expatriation Tax Planning

The U.S. Mark-to-Market “Exit” Tax can be a nightmare for affluent individuals that decide to formally surrender their green card or relinquish their U.S. citizenship. Castro & Co.’s Expat Tax Team has helped thousands of affluent individuals cut their ties with the U.S. without any Exit Tax exposure whatsoever.

Expatriation Tax Planning

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